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The Webbers (Remodel)

A dangerous spiral stair redesigned into a winder, providing safe and easy access between floors of this 2 story St. George home. 

The Webbers had struggled for years with their quirky staircase. Caring for their son who has special needs and grandparents who visit often meant they had to find a solution that didn't involve taking out key foundational walls entirely. 3 architects attempted but none could produce anything that was feasible. Luckily, we were able to help them find a solution and take the project from inception to completion. While the Webbers were abroad, all work except for painting was complete upon their return. 

Though the kitchen was also redesigned shortly after the stair remodel, it's still yet to be renovated. 

The Webbers
La Garza Creator

La Garza Boutique & Design Studio (Remodel)

When the landlords at our original location couldn't renew our lease, we were faced with being homeless. Luckily, a resident and major investor in the Town allowed us to renovate a space in a a building he owned to create our fantastic store front, home, and fabrication studio. 

Designed to suit the needs of La Garzas' fabrication as well as operate as a small scale residence and boutique store, this design slotted various work stations under a loft for easy concealment. Though much was proposed for the property, building permissions were limited from the landlord. 


Due to the pandemic, the boutique had shut its doors in 2020, but remains available online. In 2021, the landlord choose to sell the building, ending our agreement and lease slightly earlier than expected. We now look forward to moving onto the next exciting chapter of our lives!

La Garza
Haile guarding the door as usual

Chewstick Community Arts Hub (Remodel)

Along side Strativist, we designed the interior of Chewstick's new Front St. location.  As an arts and culture community hub, we designed with universal accessibility,  multi-functionality and flexibility in mind. This space was intended to accommodate all of Chewstick's varied and evolving needs with their efforts to expand offerings in years to come.


Unfortunately, Chewstick was severely affected in a fire that ignited next door in the same building just a short time after obtaining their liquor license and opening officially. As a result, we possess few photos of the work completed. Despite losing all physical assets and revenue streams, a devastating blow to the community which still hopes to recover fully, Chewstick carries on with arts and events. Chewstick needs support to continue our mission to empower storytelling, creative expression and social justice to enrich youth, arts, culture and community. Please donate to assist in recovery.

Just Breathe Yoga - Skye

Just Breathe Yoga Studio (Remodel)

This waterside property located in St. George turned an air bnb into a luxurious yoga studio, complete with a full length mural by local artist Skye Kermode.


These yoga studio plans were drawn up and planning approval acquired for the change of use, renovations and additions. 

At its opening, the studio was a hit, bringing in visitors from all over the world to take part in teacher training courses. Just down the alley, the coffee truck was busy whipping up coffees while patrons sat overlooking the harbor. ​Unfortunately, this gem has closed its doors for the meantime but we hope to see it come to life again in the future.

Just Breathe
Tobacco Bay Proposed

Tobacco Bay (Redesign)

As part of a team of design consultants, we assisted in the revitalization of the Tobacco Bay concession. This included mock ups, color profiles, sourcing for needs, materials and landscaping, initial site management and coordinating with the Parks Department for the site proposals.

We're thrilled to see another St. George's classic succeeding with their fresh start! Wishing them the best as they move into the next phases of their plan to create Bermuda's best beach bar.

See what Tobacco Bay has to offer!

Tobacco Bay

Cafe Nautilus (Conceptual)

A modernized old english, island cafe pitched for the World Heritage Center in the Town of St. George. A project designed from the ground up including menu, serving counter, graphics, logo and website pitch. 

The concept was to find innovative ways to meld Bermudas' many cultural facets with a modern flair into the menu, and develop a space that would facilitate local artists working and collaborating. As part of the strategy to overcome low turn out in the town, numerous cafe goods were designed to be sold elsewhere or delivered.

Unfortunately, the space was awarded to an alternate proposal but hopefully in the future this can pick up right where it left off!


Kenrose (Addition & Remodel)

Work in progress that is currently finalizing the preliminary design stage.


A residential expansion in the outskirts of Hamilton, this project has been an incredible challenge in so many ways! This client had a clear vision for what she wanted but the logistics needed to be worked out to make it possible, and fast.


Located overlooking Hamilton harbor and surrounded by neighbors in every direction, and perched atop soft rock, this property will need excavation across the site. 

As the client intends to grow old with her family on the property, having many self sufficient, dividable sections on the property was a must. Beyond that, the client stressed 3 other points, functionality, flexibility and feeling like a princess in her castle. So far, it's been a thrill to let the creativity roll in hopes of building this dream.


Full 3d model underway. Stay tuned!

West Wing Balcony View

Olde Towne Parklets (Conceptual)

A concept pitch done for St. George in an effort to revitalize the decaying town. Our goal was to combine exciting modern and interactive art with functionality, merging it seamlessly with the heritage of the unesco status town. 

By incorporating games and interactive art, we invite both relaxation and play. Interactive lighting installations alter the landscape, transforming dark or dreary ares into entirely new worlds. 

This pitch was not picked up by the corporation in control but we expect to utilize the same concepts elsewhere in the future.