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St. Gorgeous

we are committed to the revitalization of st. george in addition to impacting the social, economic and environmental fabric of our island in a meaningful way.


currently, we are part of many projects aimed at creating culturally sensitive, forward thinking ideas and design that merge our UNESCO status with a unique and innovative vision for the future.





A Little Background

we have spent the majority of the last year developing the model for an eco cafe due to increasing concerns of unhealthy food and frustration with food allergies. with a background intensly rooted in sustainable systems, it's hard to ignore how the food we consumes effects us on a personal and global level. we want to prove that it's possible to create truly healthy food we're proud to feed our kids.

we are excited at the idea of supporting an east end charity, firmly believing that collaboration is necessary for st. george to truly flourish.

Executive Summary

cafe nautilus offers healthy quick cuisine that incorporates local flavors and produce. our menu caters to the seasons and common food allergies while providing the early morning coffee service and alternative breakfast options needed in the town.

provide quick, quality service

truly healthy, flexible menu

create a relaxing environment

culturally relevant menu for visitors

represent bermuda's eclectic nature

integrate cohesively with whc

implement environmentally sound initiaves

attract locals to the museum

serve the town & fill gaps in east end market

support sustainable agriculture

password available at request


we are currently gathering a team of people that will allow us to consult further on topics we're unfamiliar with. we recognize our weaknesses and are carefully designing around them as well as undergoing training.

tara cassidy

creator. chef. barista. cashier


chelleby cassidy

financials. chef. barista. cashier


diana cassidy

hr manager


mel zimmerman

chef consultant




Alliances & Expansion

securing alliances is a crucial aspect of our success strategy. expanding into a variety of markets will be key to sustaining a cafe that must survive seasonal fluctuations. providing breakfast as part of a package for guests staying in the town or branching out to alternate locations with our products will allow us to reach beyond the confines of our location and generate more revenue. 

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