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We aim to produce a dynamic Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the America's Cup Qualifiers in Bermuda. This ceremonial event will engage audiences with local entertainment, showcase Bermudian culture, and pay tribute to the sailing teams of the 35th America's Cup as well as the legacy the Cup leaves behind.  Our goal is to set a standard for America's Cup Ceremonies worthy of such a prestigious international competition, amazing spectators and celebrating the significant historical occasion of the Bermuda Rig returning to our shores.

An Opening Ceremony to match the most prestigious competition in the world!

Opening Ceremonies are recognized worldwide as an opportunity to showcase the true heart of a nation and the status of an event. This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to showcase innovation and skill alongside local histories, heroes, talents and celebrities on a global platform. The America's Cup has never been held in a location quite like Bermuda, an idyllic backdrop to what is the largest international event to grace these shores. The Opening Ceremony should reflect the high standards, hard work and dedication of Bermudians as well as the America's Cup teams and sponsors. Our pride should be at the epicenter of the event, setting the bar and expectations for the entire series and future events higher than it's ever been.

Tell our story

like it's never been told before.


Tell our unique story.


Honour our rich history, diverse heritage and modern culture.

Support local talent, innovation and ingenuity.


Build trade capacity within the community.


Long term investment in Bermuda's cultural legacy.

Represent Bermuda on an international platform.


Establish a world class standard for America's Cup opening ceremonies.


Our focus is to produce a world class Opening Ceremony which pays homage to the contributions of the nations, sponsors and athletes which have come together to make the 35th America's Cup a reality.


Event Schedule


17:30 - 18:00 Transport High Traffic

First shuttle ferries & buses arrive during this time.


17:30 Doors Open Event Begins

Guests are welcomed to the event by elegant interactive entertainers modeling America's Cup apparel. Local entertainers perform on stage and guests are encouraged to enjoy cocktails and browse educational exhibits and arts displays. Videos highlighting personal stories and the impact of the event on locals running on the big screens.

19:20 Parade of Sailor Nations

AC Sailors march into the spot light with national flags high as selected performers from their home countries perform in song and dance tribute. Each team Skipper speaks briefly following their national performance and the next team enters. Bermudian sailors are the last to enter carrying the Bermuda flag.

20:20 Dignitary Speeches

The Premier, Governor, Dignitaries and Top America's Cup officials welcome all to the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda.

20:40 Local Performances Commence

Bermuda Revealed

Displayed by projection, the Earth is rotating before zooming into Bermuda's location in the open ocean. Diving beneath the surface as rippling waves dance into view, the world beneath begins to emerge.

Underwater World

A giant turtle and eagle rays glide gracefully, colorful fish flutter about, corals breathe to life, glow worms illuminate the night and Portuguese man of war dance across the scene in a captivating immersion into our seas.

Fire, Myths & Legends

The volcano erupts. The Isle of Devils is born while myths of the triangle emerge from a fog and we see Bermuda how the very first sailors saw her as they passed by her in the night.

Ship & Shipwreck

A storm brews, clouds form and an angry ocean sweeps into view. The Sea Venture struggles to stay afloat as the hurricane whisks them toward Bermuda's rocks. A violent crash tears the ship to pieces, sinking her beneath the waves.

Our Land

Mangroves creep in and tree frogs peep as Bermudianas, lilies and hibiscus twirl about as longtails elegantly soar into the skies above.

Colonization & Innovation

The scent of burning cedar fills the air as workers build ships and raise Bermudian architecture. The Bermuda rig is born, changing the face of sailing forever. British Navy sails the seas, and Pirates and privateers capture and create havoc while piling up their coin.

Making of Gombey

British snares and fife march on parade, and the evolution of Gombeys emerges as the music and heritage of African, First Nations, and Caribbean slaves join the rhythm. Gombeys perform and the black slave pilot Jemmy Darrell, guides a ship to shore and is freed. The shackles of slavery are shattered, igniting a wild crescendo of our colorful culture.

Parade of Cultures

The merging of our cultures join together in a parade that highlights Bermuda's many nations.

Into the Modern World

Bermuda kites soar into the skies, ecstatic tourists explore the island, business men donning Bermuda shorts greet each other as they reach the modern age. The America's Cup arrives in Bermuda and acrobats leap into the air from the modern boats tacking and jibbing around the race course.

21:20 Finalé

Cannons fire, confetti pours, fireworks explode and the cup is hoisted high above the crowd by team Oracle as all the performers and America's Cup teams flood the field.

Concert & After Party

Local musicians and DJs kick off the party with energetic performances that transition seamlessly into one another. Photo opportunities with performers and sailors.


Utilizing innovative ideas and fabrication techniques the costume design will be simple and effective: reducing costs with recycled materials, fitting a range of performer sizes, and breaking down efficiently in storage for convenient future use. As part of our cultural legacy they can be used in cultural events, such as the Bermuda Day Parade 2017, whereby the entire nation can pridefully experience elements of the Grand Opening and be included in the experience.

Read more about our costume designs here

All sketches 2016 Copyright of La Garza


The creative Bermuda performances will captivate the audience, guiding them through a narrative that explores our shores, our ancient history and dives beneath the surface of our seas. Innovative use of materials, costume and lighting will become part of Bermuda's cultural legacy and take Bermuda and the America's Cup to a new level of luxury and artistic standard.

Captivating Costume Designs
Combined Lighting Effects
Innovative Costume Design
Striking Light Compositions


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