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The Minister of Community, Culture & Sport, Sylvan Richards; the Permanent Secretary, Wayne Carey and the Director of the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs, Heather Whalen have Endorsed this Opening Ceremony.

A: The Minister is drafting a formal letter of endorsement which we will be following up on based on the results of this meeting.

B: No financial commitment from the Ministry has been confirmed at this point. However, the terms of the endorsement may include government support in kind.

C: The Minister has asked that we present this proposal to the Cabinet with the goal of cooperation across the entire government towards the success of this Ceremony. This will present an opportunity for Ministries with larger budgets to contribute financially, assisting to underwrite the event as sponsors.


A: We have met with Craig Tyrell, SVP Operations Manager of the National Sports center for a walk through of the grounds during which we were advised of the rules and regulations regarding the rental of the venue. In terms of the electricity, square footage, infrastructure and precedence of large scale concerts and events this venue is considered the premier location.

B: On the weekend of May 25-28 2017, the National Stadium has been booked for an undisclosed sporting event and is currently unavailable. The weekend May 19-21 however, is available for booking. The Minister has stated that there is precedence for overriding any bookings in the National Stadium, which could be the case for this event if necessary.

C: Infrastructure setup will require five days prior to the event as well as 2 Days following for clean up and breakdown.

D: We have completed a rough outline of the venue layout. We have requested CAD files in order to more effectively design the venue, however until we obtain or create these files, it will be difficult for us to further map out the spacial design.


The Ministry of Community, Cultures & Sport were able to advise us on the overall community calendar for 2017 and their specific agendas for the year. 

A: They are looking to promote the entire culture and tourism package of Bermuda globally for the months of May and June. They have requested the Opening Ceremony occur on the weekend of the 19th with the vested interest of costumes and performers being utilized in the May 24th Parade in an attempt to add to, rather than detract, from the existing holiday celebrations.

B: The Ministry is looking to increase the number of tourists and expatriates participating in and attending the Bermuda Day Celebrations. Having America's Cup representation during the parade further cements the relationship with the Bermudian community. Beyond that, throughout the month there are many cultural events and opportunities for further showcasing what America's Cup has contributed to our cultural legacy.


The Ministry of Community, Cultures & Sport were able to advise us on the overall community calendar for 2017 and their specific agendas for the year. 

A: Infrastructure costs will be larger than previously estimated due in part to the change in location to a larger venue than the Keep. The larger venue facilitates ACEA's request to be more community inclusive and increases our ticket sales significantly however the technical needs increase as well.

B: Based on the event date, savings on infrastructure may be possible by utilizing equipment shipped in for overall AC events. (ie. trophy suites, audio and visual components)


A: Infrastructure and technical costs represent the largest investment in this proposal. Great Sound & Lighting has provided a detailed estimate for their services. They have had decades of experience in this venue with major events and possess the technical equipment required.

B: We believe a portion of these required costs could potentially be subsidized via the collaboration from government and existing or intended AC infrastructure.


We have organized ticketing so that both affordable tickets are available to the public as well as varying levels of VIP packages. Different seating areas will have varying ticket costs, with reduced youth and senior tickets available in a limited quantity. 

A: The profits of Corporate Hospitality are remain essential to the break even value of this production. 

B: Adjustments can be made to ticket pricing if larger profits can be made on Corporate Hospitality. Following the presentation to the Cabinet, there may be a willingness to subsidize ticket pricing further.


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